Services Provided

As a licensed Independent Speech and Language Therapist, I aim to offer exceptional services in order to meet my clients’ needs. I’m highly committed to offering client centered individual intervention and solution focused outcomes. I ensure I continue to develop professional skills by maintaining current and evidence based practice.


Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is where the journey begins and can take place in a number of settings, from home to nursery, school or virtually online. This assessment can last up to one and a half hours with verbal feedback and a summary report.

Usually there is enough information to proceed to therapy from this point, however for children with complex difficulties, extended assessment may be recommended. This will be discussed and arranged accordingly with you. Please get in touch to discuss or schedule an initial consultation.

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Therapy is where the fun begins! We work jointly together on the agreed outcomes for intervention. Sessions are based around the child's interests and are fun and engaging whether face to face or online.


Therapy is provided in a number of settings agreed with parent/carer and the therapist. Therapy sessions last up to one hour, but may be less depending on the child's age and attention. Block bookings are advised for therapy- usually between 6-8 sessions initially, with weekly activities given to provide carry over into other settings outside of therapy. 

An initial consultation is always required before therapy can commence. 


School Contracts

A school Speech and Language contract can allow schools to meet the needs of their children, whilst working both with an Independent Therapist and in conjunction with NHS Speech and Language Therapy Services.

School Contracts can include:

  • individual packages of care for each child, which include targets and resources that are updated regularly

  • individual and/or group therapy for children

  • support for SENDCo, teachers and TAs as appropriate

  • reports on request

  • training packages

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In order to accommodate ever changing demands I offer virtual therapy. This allows clients and parents to work with me from the comfort of their own home at a mutually convenient and agreed time.

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School Training Packages

Please contact to discuss options